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Text 24 May 150 notes Reacting to cyber-bullying


Have you ever encountered online cruelty?

No, because I rarely go online.

How do you think someone might feel after being the target of it?

Someone might feel emotionally hurt because of the bullying, I think it  would make them feel different.

Link 24 May 154 notes Info/Digi Lit!: HW #17 - Cyber-bullying wrap-up»


For next class please complete the following:

1. Finish your “dial it down map” using Popplet and post a link to it on your Tumblr as well as a link to the article or scenario you selected.

2. In a text post, please reflect on the following:

  • How could you apply what you learned in class to…
Text 24 May 163 notes KWL/Key Vocabulary - Cyber-bullying


Complete the K (what do you KNOW) and the W (what do you WANT to know) below based on your knowledge of cyber-bullying.

K: I know cyber bullying is bad and can lead to suicides.

W: I want to know the specifics about cyber bullying.

L: I learned that there are a lot of people involved in cyber bullying.

To the best of your ability please define the following vocab words within the context of the topic of cyber-bullying.

Target: The target is the person who is being bullied.

Offender: The offender is the bully.

Bystander: The bystander is the person who watches and knows about the bullying.

Upstander: The upstander is the bystander that tells an adult or supervisor what is going on.

Escalate: When bullying is escalating that means it is getting worse.

De-escalate: When bullying is De-escalating that means it is getting better and there is less bullying.

Text 24 May working together

When I worked by myself I thought I got the work done faster; however, my link did not work preventing most people from seeing it.  If I had a partner it would have gone by more smoothly.

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Link 11 May 139 notes Info/Digi Lit!: HW #16 - Storybird/Pixton»


Due next class: your storybird children’s story or pixton comic.

You will create either a children’s story (using Storybird) or a comic (using Pixton) using copyright, fair use or plagiarism as the topic.

You may work independently or with ONE other classmate (in other words, groups will be…

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